Through my clinical practice my goal is to assist essential workers (teachers, therapists etc.) and first responders as they navigate the ever daunting task of caring for individuals who are in acute mental and physical pain. Through my clinical practice I want to assist essential workers and first responders with maintaining the passion, drive and enthusiasm in working with individuals who suffer from acute traumatic pain.

Currently I work with First Responders and Essential Staff on:

-Lifestyle Changes

-Self Care (including exercise and diet)


I also offer group workshops seminars and retreats (TBA due to COVID)

As a clinician who has worked in the emergency department and in corrections as a clinician (and as custody staff) I understand first hand the complexities of working in a trauma based environment.  My passion for working with first responders and essential staff who have dealt with trauma began when I started working in community mental health.  It is my belief that it takes a village to combat mental health and I take pride in the opportunity to build and strengthen individuals who do so much for our community!

*Due to Covid-19 I am currently doing video visits only

Cuba, 2013